Team - Zue (Pvt) Ltd

President ZUE

Saleem Shah

Saleem spent most of his adulthood in the United States. Started his business carrier in 2008 with a hospital consultation group called Adviate. In 2010 Saleem started his first pharmacy which led to the ownership of several healthcare corporations. Having a solid academic background which consist of 2 master’s degrees from University of Pennsylvania.

He has a very high standard of all staff, he believes in growing the corporation in several verticals at the same time, his believes are “You are as good as your weakest link”. Our environment is dynamic, fast paced with new ventures starting constantly. We are metric and analytics-driven to constantly improve all aspects of the businesses.

Vice President Strategy & Policy

Tanya Roberson

Tanya is good at analyzing situations that can be felt, touched, seen, heard, personally observed or experienced. Her motto is, "facts are facts." She sees herself as factual, and "down-to-earth." Tanya takes pride in her competence or her ability to understand all the facts of a situation. She is good at concentrating on data while looking for the best method of solving the problem

Group Vice President

Aurangzeb Khan

He admires the patience required to gather facts and data. Many people see his decisions as high-risk decisions. However, after the decision is made, he tends to work hard for a successful outcome. Sometimes he may be so opinionated about a particular problem that he has difficulty letting others participate in the process. Aurangzeb should realize that at times he needs to think a project through, beginning to end, before starting the project. He is a good problem solver and troubleshooter, always seeking new ways to solve old problems. He is logical, incisive, and critical in his problem-solving activities. He is decisive and prefers to work for a decisive manager. He can experience stress if his manager does not possess similar traits.

Vice President Growth & Sustainability

Syed Rayhan Qaiser

Our visionary Vice President of Growth & Sustainability, including Service & Quality. With extensive experience in IT, Operations & Customer Management, he has assumed this this key role, leveraging his remarkable leadership skills across continents, notably in the USA and UK. Fearlessly managing diverse projects, he's a driving force behind our operational excellence. With over two-decade track record, Rayhan's expertise in innovative solutions delights clients and forges lasting relationships. His commitment to operational brilliance and process improvement positions him as a true asset in the corporate sphere.

Vice President Operations

Muhammad Anwaar

Muhammad Anwaar is Vice President of Operations, including Human Resources and Marketing department, with a distinguished 20 years’ career in healthcare, BPO, Telecom and Customer Services leadership. His expertise includes optimizing operations, enhancing service quality, implementing measurable KPIs, and spearheading transformative projects in Patient Access-Contact Centers, Marketing & Communications, and Health Information Management Services. With a strong track record in successfully managing complex departments and critical sustainable projects in UAE and Pakistan with his past organizations, Anwaar's innovative leadership and business acumen make him a valuable asset. His proficiency in Digital Health, CRMs, API Integrations, Innovative Technological Solutions, and team management, positions him to drive the company's growth and success.

Senior Director Operations

Waqas Yonus

Waqas is a dynamic individual who is focused on his goals. He is ambitious, result-oriented, has a will to succeed and a drive to be the best at what he does. He is self-motivated with an innate ability to adapt, improvise and overcome any and all obstacles, assignments and environments. All this paired with his professional experience spanning almost 13 years in diverse industries like business processing outsource adds strength and value to your source. I have a hunger to learn and drive for excellence and these qualities constitute my professional makeup.

Director Finance

Atir Ahsan

Atir Ahsan is a Qualified and Experienced Finance Professional with a meticulous attention to details who always perseveres to achieve the best results within a team. He is Well versed with financial & management reporting with sound understanding of International Accounting (IFRS) Standard & GAAP.

Director IT

Riaz Haider

Riaz is an IT professional with over 2 decades of experience in Healthcare, Banking and Telecom sectors. He is a team player and always thrives to streamline processes through automation. He has led many digital transformation initiatives and is a strong advocate of the mantra “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it". His forte is to transform raw data to information which leads to fact based decisions and business growth.