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Zue Pvt Ltd.

ZUE SMC (PVT) Ltd is one of many businesses owned and operated by our President Saleem Shah. Our span of corporations is from Washington, DC and goes all the way to Houston, TX in the US. Where our head office is located in the heart of the Capital at 5003 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC. All of our businesses are related to each other with one thing in common - we provide healthcare to patients in the United States.

ZUE Businesses Nature

We launched our office in Karachi Pakistan where we have established a BPO operation for our Onshore companies and our clients. We believe in science and value most the social sciences in common practice, ZUE holds the capability to offer unique solutions to its clients, basically we consider ourselves as spotter where we lend our hand wherever its needed.
We provide complexed data analytics solutions where we show and help achieve for our client a stronger outcome (financially) for our clients, at the same time we cater clients who just need someone to pick up their phones to take some burden away from their shoulders. The uniqueness of ZUE is merely hangs in the fact that what we offer to our clients is what we have designed for our own businesses in the US. This gives a power edge over other providers providing similar services.

Our Mission

“To make Pharmacies and DMEs more profitable by providing a complete backend operations support and finding lucrative venues for them”

Our Vision

“To become the largest backend support and profit increasing company for Pharmacies and DMEs in the US by servicing their business needs, so they can service their patients”